HDPE Flexible pipe 50/40

Project Description

    HDPE Flexible pipe 50/40 is produced by lasted modern technology for the best products of An Dat Phat Jsc.

    Specifications of HDPE flexible pipe 50/40

    Hdpe corrugated pipe (hdpe flexible pipe).

    • Inner diameter (mm): 40 ± 4.0
    • Outer diameter (mm): 50 ± 4.0
    • Wall thickness (mm): 2.2 ± 0.3

    An Dat Phat Jsc, is one of the most renowned manufacturer and supplier of high quality HDPE flexible Pipes (HDPE corrugated pipes) up to 250mm (250/320mm). The manufacturing of HDPE flexible Pipes (HDPE corrugated pipes) and fittings executes under the strict inspection in accordance to the International standard and regulation using the latest technology, keeping safety and environmental considerations in mind.

    Ống nhựa xoắn hdpe 50/40

    HDPE flexible pipe 50/40 – OSPEN HDPE corrugated pipe from 25mm to 250mm in diameter

    Correspondingly every finished product undergoes different quality tests including visual testing, dimensional testing and hydrostatic testing followed by manufacturing in order to deliver sustained quality HDPE flexible (corrugated) pipes and fittings that last for a lifetime.

    HDPE Flexible Pipe SizeUnitInner diameter (mm)Outer diameter(mm)Standard roll length (m)
    HDPE Flexible Pipe ϕ 25/32m 25 ± 2,032 ± 2,0300 ÷ 500
    HDPE Flexible Pipe ϕ 30/40m30 ± 2,040 ± 2,0200 ÷ 400
    HDPE Flexible Pipe ϕ 40/50m40 ± 2,050 ± 2,0200 ÷ 400
    HDPE Flexible Pipe ϕ 50/65m50 ± 2,565 ± 2,5100 ÷ 300
    HDPE Flexible Pipe ϕ 65/85m65 ± 2,585 ± 2,5100 ÷ 200
    HDPE Flexible Pipe ϕ 70/90m70 ± 2,590 ± 2,5100 ÷ 150
    HDPE Flexible Pipe ϕ 80/105m80 ± 3,0105 ± 3,050 ÷ 100
    HDPE Flexible Pipe ϕ 90/110m90 ± 3,0110 ± 3,050 ÷ 100
    HDPE Flexible Pipe ϕ 100/130m100 ± 4,0130 ± 4,050 ÷ 100
    HDPE Flexible Pipe ϕ 125/160m125 ± 4,0160 ± 4,050 ÷ 100
    HDPE Flexible Pipe ϕ 150/195m150 ± 4,0195 ± 4,050 ÷ 100
    HDPE Flexible Pipe ϕ 160/210m160 ± 4,0210 ± 4,050 ÷ 100
    HDPE Flexible Pipe ϕ 175/230m175 ± 4,0230 ± 4,030 ÷ 50
    HDPE Flexible Pipe ϕ 100/260m200 ± 4,0260 ± 4,030 ÷ 50
    HDPE Flexible Pipe ϕ 250/320m250 ± 5,0320 ± 5,030 ÷ 50

    HDPE flexible pipes (HDPE corrugated pipe)

    Our HDPE flexible Pipes (HDPE corrugated pipes) have rugged design, sturdy construction, flawless finish, dimensional precision, high-strength, leakage proof, easy to fit, excellent durability, high pressure tolerance, high temperature tolerance, longer service life and outstanding performance under the harshest conditions are the irresistible benefits of HDPE flexible pipes (HDPE corrugated pipes) and fittings manufactured by An Dat Phat Jsc,.

    We served thousands of industries and hence we are proficient to serve nearly every industry like road, highway, park, building, traffic….

    An Dat Phat Jsc,. has enormously invested in research and development that makes its HDPE pipes and fittings an ultra-modern option for your ever-changing requirements. Our pipes and fittings are made of HDPE material that makes it long-lasting and an eco-friendly option for your requirements. We provide unmatched quality pipes and fittings at the most competitive price rates that no other can deliver.

    Our HDPE flexible pipes and fittings have proven its capabilities in agricultural and industrial applications a huge list of the clientele is an evidence of the same. Our brand, you can trust on for your HDPE pipes and fitting requirements available at the most affordable price rates.

    Why An Dat Phat Jsc is different?

    We are global company that built our business on results, trust, constant innovation and total integration. Strong enjoying steady sustainable growth we believe that you need to leave the world a better place that you found it. We believe in sustainability, invest for our people, our partners and critically our customer. We are dedicated to improving life everywhere for everyone now and in the future.

    For more information about price, technical…, please contact:  (+84)904.888.186 – Email: lxxinh@andatphat.com – Support Team Sales